Financial Information at Town and Country Veterinary Clinic

At Town and Country Veterinary Clinic, we prioritize your pet’s health. We understand that taking care of your beloved companion comes with emotional and financial responsibilities. To ensure transparency and provide support regarding the financial aspect of your pet’s care, we provide the following information:
Our Status: Town and Country Veterinary Clinic operates as a privately owned facility, which means we do not receive grants, charitable contributions, or government assistance. It’s crucial to note that we are not a lending institution, and consequently, we cannot arrange typical payment plans like those offered by banks. We function independently to deliver exceptional veterinary care, support our dedicated staff, and uphold our commitment to providing 24-hour emergency veterinary services.

Payment Policy: We kindly request payment at the time of service for all our offerings. In situations involving emergencies, surgical procedures, and comprehensive health workups, we provide detailed estimates for expected costs and require payment to initiate treatment. To make managing your pet’s healthcare more convenient, we accept ALL major credit cards and CareCredit, a healthcare credit card designed for medical expenses.
Challenging Choices: We understand the emotional difficulties that can arise when making tough decisions about your pet’s health, especially when expensive treatments may not align with your financial resources. Pet ownership involves financial responsibility, and at Town and Country Veterinary Clinic, we’re committed to delivering the highest standard of care while recognizing your role in your pet’s well-being. In such situations, we’re here to provide guidance and discuss humane options to ensure your pet’s comfort and welfare.
Financial Assistance:  In addition to exploring options with your bank or lending institutions, you can also seek support from friends and family who may be willing to help. Additionally, you might consider reaching out to local rescue groups or setting up crowdfunding accounts on platforms like GoFundMe for additional support.

Get in Touch: If you have any questions, or concerns, or need assistance managing the financial aspect of your pet’s care, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our compassionate team. Your pet’s health and well-being are our top priorities, and we are dedicated to being your trusted partner in their care. (540) 382-5042

At Town and Country Veterinary Clinic, we value your commitment to your pet’s health and strive to support you in every way possible.