How can I plan for an Emergency?

We are open 24/7, 365 days a year for animal emergencies. If your pet is experiencing an emergency, call us at (540) 382-5042 or come in immediately — you do not need an appointment. Should your pet have a persistent medical problem that could result in an emergency, keep those medical records easily accessible. For emergency cases, there will be a $95 examination fee.

What information about my pet should I bring with me to the hospital?

Please bring any medical records, prescription medications, or therapeutic diet your pet may be currently taking in case they are hospitalized at Town and Country Veterinary Clinic.

How long will my wait time be?

As an emergency facility, we triage our patients, meaning those with the most life-threatening situations will be examined first if more than one case arrives. Sometimes, examinations in progress may be interrupted and a less critical patient will wait. Please know we will work diligently to provide optimal veterinary care to all patients in a timely manner.

What happens after I arrive with my pet?

Upon arrival to Town and Country Veterinary Clinic, your pet will be assessed, medical history obtained, and a comprehensive physical exam performed by our emergency veterinarian. Prior to any treatment, an itemized estimate will be provided and a treatment plan will be discussed.

Can I visit if my pet needs to be hospitalized?

Yes, we encourage pet owners to visit. Often times, visitation can reduce the stress for both owners and patients. Some medical cases may have limitations but we encourage you to discuss appropriate visitation times with the attending veterinarian. We are staffed continually through the night and recommend calling at any hour to receive an update on your pet.

Will my pet be alone?

Absolutely not! We always have a licensed veterinarian and veterinary technicians on premises to provide medical care while your pet is hospitalized. Special attention is paid to pain management and any concerns that may arise during the night.

How often can I call to check on my pet?

As an emergency hospital, we routinely admit pets requiring in-hospital care, (i.e. ill patient admittance, radiographs/ultrasonography, dentistry, elective or emergency surgery, etc.) We make every effort to ensure our clients receive optimal communication. With that, we also encourage our clients to contact us throughout their pet’s hospitalization— we are available 24/7. If the attending veterinarian is unavailable at the time of phone call, we have doctor’s assistants and technicians to answer any vital information regarding the case.

How will my regular family veterinarian be involved in the care of my pet?

We strive to work directly with the primary veterinary facility in the care of our most critical patients and case transfers through telephone consultations and updates throughout their course of treatment. Within 24-48 hours of discharge, your pet’s medical records will be sent to your family veterinarian’s facility. Our goal is to provide you the best veterinary care through direct interaction between two facilities when possible.

What are the payment options?

Town and Country Veterinary Clinic prides itself in providing our clients high quality small animal medicine. Please keep the following policies and guidelines in mind when requesting veterinary services and products from us so that we can continue to offer you our services free of complications. Some services may require a deposit at the time your pet is admitted. In the event your pet is hospitalized, an estimate for treatment will be provided and a deposit is required upon admission. Any remaining balance will be due at the time of patient discharge.
Appropriate payment include cash, personal checks with valid driver’s license, Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express, and no interest financing through Care Credit.